The Mobius Text Project Beyond Baroque

July 26 – 28 2002 at Beyond Baroque
M o b i u s T e x t (Video excerpt)

“Mobius Text”
Typed scroll on fabric, archived and displayed in The Arthur & Mata Jaffe Collection at Florida Atlantic University Library, Boca Raton, Florida.”
Mata and Arthur Jaffe Rare Books Collection

Tony’s Side of the Text

Going through the driver’s side of things got the English language all engorged with the fruits of the grenade. She looked left and there stood the duty to look the other way. Good equipment pounced on the music box and then one ounce of prevention brought up the rear. Don Quixote just now got sucked through the windmill’s guilt and he then discovered that the long lost tree tops found the meaning of Sancho’s cries for advertising the beginning of the end. God wants all giants to leave their shoes at the door of the shredding machine factory because, after all, cause and effect are vulnerable at this hour. The spoils of the wealthy have scraped clean the divinity of the fountain pen. Would you like a category to chew on and thanks for the cure. I appear and she disappears which is the jumping off point of the will to have hot blanks loaded in the gun that some how ended up in the hands of the feature length film. The ceremonies of the dead have divided the island of Catalina into three off-handed remarks: down by the spectral analysis. Please leave the great wall at the goodwill store on Venice Blvd. and finally, earth-worms shall accomplish the final sanding job on the clock’s hands. I will take you up on that later, but right now I must be off to the irreparable planet they called the grapefruit. The banjo back at home calls hello out from a dusty necessity to make the cat’s whiskers nervous. Can we love our competitors or will it require an example from the gift horse without a mouth? The Sears tower, the jerry rigged tooth fairy, the extension cord that forgot who best to serve, the woman who writes with the entrails of disaster and a nod from Venus.

asked the letter M if I could hang up his hat and all he could say was Show me the bliss of the eyes of the heavy raindrops and I will give in return the abundant straightness of all lines of latitude. The things that we held in common flooded the bestial authenticity of the thickly thought of V-shaped tooth ache. Glad to meet you, Mr. Sarajevo. Now let’s get down to the business of making that coat into a winter kill. In Berlin I remember you wore a short song on the inside of your left eyelid. Now we are curled up and looking for the tweaking mechanism of the black velvet football field. His eyes opened and then the Sphinx got off the bus and strolled down the jet way only to be embraced by a faltering economy and some scraps of magic dust left behind by the money changers. Rumpled and tired, homeless was the social security card. We now have the opportunity to bring down the never ending sky and absorb the cost of the man-made Victorian era duck and cover skills that got vaporized when the country bumpkin rounded the bend and lost his cognition chip. Please oh please dear movie screen do not go gently into that comfort zone in the back of my mind because you will ultimately be Influenced by the desire to be the mischief salesman who got lost back there long about the time that the global vibration settled down to a Frank Sinatra boil.