The People’s Opera House Project

The People’s Opera House (TPOH) project is an arts organization committed to generating new theater works, using crowd-sourced narrative development which allows members of the community to have an active role in developing, producing and mounting original works that speak to a specific concern or idea. Imagine a world where discussing your political affiliation is as insignificant as discussing your favorite ice cream flavor.

Community-based, live performance is an incredibly binding experience for the performers and audience alike. The People’s Opera House Project (TPOH) democratizes the power of performance giving non-professionals and professionals alike the chance to be a part of the creation of original works. TPOH is intentionally called an ‘opera’ to drive up a reaction in the creators and attendees. We encourage people who feel locked-out of high art to be the creators of the immersive environment. We are committed to generating a dynamic space within a particular community for new discussions, friendships and alliances to form among disparate groups of people. TPOH is an inclusive project! The structure is such, that people who want to be involved will not constrained by their lack of experience or “talent” in a specific discipline. We invite you to step into The People’s Opera House and experience the transformative power of community in action.

We Want You!

TPOH is an inclusive project! We are working on expanding the old adage, It takes a village….

to include creating an opera!

Set aside your concerns about lack of experience or “talent” in a specific discipline. TPOH will develop your talent through a series of salons and performance workshops. In this discovery process you will determine exactly what and where your unique contribution to the project lie. As an active participant in developing your community’s TPOH, you will have many points of access within the three acts to contribute your perspective on the particular subject at hand. through your unique forms of creativity and self-expression.

The following is a list of possible roles that you can begin the discovery process. The list is by no means exclusive. In fact, we are looking to you and your edge worker status to create new areas of expression within the structure of TPOH. Vocalist > Musicians > Composers > Sound Designers > Dancers > Movers > Choreographers > Actors > Visual Artists > Videographers > Performance Artists > Writers > Librettists > Photographers > Animators > Sculptors > Project Director > Creative/Artistic Director > Company Manager > Set Designer > Theater Production Manager > Stage Managers > Technical Directors for media management, video editing and live performance > Production Interns: General and Technical > General & Administrative Interns > Marketing, Communications Director, Graphic design > Grant Writer > Consultants / Technical Experts > Lighting Designer > Set Designer > Costume Designer > Video editors

We invite you to step into TPOH as a participant and experience the transformative power of community in action.Bring TPOH To Your Community

The People’s Opera House (TPOH) can easily adapt to any space in your community, be it a traditional theater setting, a private residence, an empty office space, a night club, street level in the car wash (which has amazing acoustics by the way) or off the beaten cultural venues a far from the center of the city with an exclusive guest list. Your imagination is the only limit.

There are benefits and demerits to each space. Choosing the right venue is where TPOH gets its magic. For instance, an open house could be a great space to contain all of the acts in one place, or at street level in public spaces with heavy foot traffic bring people who would not ordinarily buy tickets to an opera can be swept up in the activities and compelled to join in the fun.

There are two ways to bring TPOH to your community; fully supported with TPOH coming to your community to teach workshops and emotionally-supported.

Emotionally Supported Route: We have prepared an Open Source Handbook for communities that want to bring TPOH to their communities and plan to bootstrap the project on their own. If you choose to go it alone, we will support you with bi-weekly phone calls and cheer you along. We are currently in the validation process of the The Open Source Manual and looking for a minimum of five host cities to help us bench mark the manual by creating performances during January 2020.

Fully Supported Route: Invite TPOH to come to your community and support the building of content and production with a series of workshops.

Become a Patron of TPOH

Become a patron of TPOH and transform your community in as little as six weeks!
Put reasonable thinking aside for a creative moment to imagine your patronage of The People’s Opera House Project through the dynamic new lens of the Collateral Collective. This is a trifecta you can bank cultural capital on, and it goes like this:
you, adventurous patron + the Collateral Collective + The People’s Opera House
One would be hard pressed to find another philanthropic adventure like this in San Diego to participate in. Come join us in our entrepreneurial edge worker venture in putting our company structure and sustainable source of revenue together and getting this show on the road!

We are robustly seeking patrons, business and artistic advisors, participants and host cities/communities. Once we have the TPOH team in place we will have the platform needed to begin the process of community outreach, the goals of which are to find people interested in developing new projects, performing and staging them and aiding in the creation of original content to be included in them. When the organizational and financial structure is in place, we will be opening up the TPOH pipeline for new projects, performance venues and communities who want to participate. You are invited to join the TPOH team and contribute your expertise and creative insights as we build this community-based vehicle for action, creativity and transformation.

Contact us:

Tony Allard
Tony Allard is a performance artist, video maker, writer and trickster. He works from a trans-media perspective that engages the hybridization of traditional and new media. He has presented his work internationally in Japan, Germany, Ireland, the UK and Canada, among others. In 2015 Allard was in residence at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, New York, where he began a multipart project entitled “Mutate or Die”, which chronicles his efforts in 1996 to get the writer William S. Burroughs’ DNA sequenced and make art out of it and his more recent attempt to create a transgenic mutation with Burroughs’ DNA. In 2018, Allard began collaborating with Catherine Derr on creating The People’s Opera House project.

Catherine Derr
Catherine Derr is an award-winning Sculptor, visionary leader and patient teacher that has been producing large scale public art since 2005. Catherine’s trickster persona, the Ambassador of the Moment, brings the audience into the NOW. Perpetually challenging people to recalculate the way they interact with the cities they live in. Catherine created an emerging artist development program as the Season Long Programming Director for FIGMENT Project in NYC from 2006-8. Catherine’s vision cuts through creative blocks and roadblocks, creating efficiency and grace in bringing impactful public art projects to life.