World Mix Nagoya 2002

Presented at ISEA 2002
International Symposium on Electronic Art
Nagoya, Japan 2002

Tony Allard
Reverend Dwight Frizzell
Various Collaborators around the world

11 AM October 31st in Nagoya
6 PM October 30th in California
8 PM in Kansas, 9 PM in New York

“world_mix_nagoya” is a thirty-minute, interactive radio and internet performance broadcast. The broadcast will consist of a live mix of indigenous audio fossils collected from around the world and locally from the host city where the broadcast takes place–in this case the host city will be Nagoya. The mix moves out gradually from the local to the global to inter galactic space, thereby creating an alternative history of our shared sonosphere here on planet earth.

“world_mix_nagoya” will utilize the new hybrid forms of radio that are now developing between traditional forms of broadcast radio and internet radio. Unlike the traditional one-way model of broadcast radio, which involves a single transmitter transmitting to many receivers, our proposed radio/internet station would operate on the principle of many transmitters and many receivers transmitting and receiving in “real time” simultaneously on multiple radio frequencies and on the internet. This two-way model of broadcasting would “abandon the borders of territory” and potentially create a more democratic, less corporate space and time for cultural and artistic audio activity around the globe

Background information on the Worldmix project.

Internation Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA)
Special Thanks to Makoto Fujiki, Mami Aizawa, Kasuya – Takuji
The world_mix_nagoya crew:
Kristine Diekman, Internet Tuner, Rachel Schrieber, Mix Monitor,
Sarah Drury, Walkie Talkie, Joe Delappe, Soba Noodle Slurper

California State University, San Marcos
Chuck Allen, Team Leader for Instructional Development and Support
Mike Irick, Assistant Director of Academic Technology Services
Professor Kristine Diekman, Visual and Performing Arts and
the students of her Art and Digital Video For the Web:
Mark Schmidt, David Ortiz, Brian Ross, Tim McKague
Special thanks to emmy, the server who worked so hard

Kansas City Art Institue, Kansas City Missouri,
The Reverent Dwight Frizzell and his performance students
Rebecca Dolin for technical assistance.

Center for Research in Computing and Arts
University of California, San Diego, California
Carol Hobson and Ted Apel
MeshFM: Jonathon Phillips, Nathanial Clark, Matt Hope,

Jeff Gompertz, NYC

Alfred University, Alfred New York
Sang Nam, Alfred University Smart Wall

Some of the Internet Radio stations tuned during this mix:
Various FM and AM Stations in Nagoya
KCRW 89.3 FM Santa Monica, California
KJHK 90.7 FM Lawrence, Kansas
CIBL 204.1, Montreal, Canada
The Voice of Russia